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Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 2015 CSA-Boxes Shipping Dates

May 2015 CSA Shipping Update

May 2015 Shipping Dates
High winds in the High-Desert have caused a minor delay in processing, hauling, packaging & shipping.

Monday May 4th, Tuesday May 5th, Wednesday May 6th.

Monday May 11th, Tuesday May 12th, Wednesday May 13th.

Monday May 18th, Tuesday May 19th, Wednesday May 20th.

C.S.A. Boxes are being shipped on the above posted dates. Please check your email for UPS or USPS tracking numbers and be sure to track your perishables.

All CSA boxes are expected to arrive at final destinations before Friday, May 22nd. 2015 

Thank you for your patience. We appreciate your support!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

PRE-ORDER Certified Organic Grass-Fed Rib-EyE Steaks

1" Thick Farm-Style Cut, RIB EYE STEAKS! Certified Organic, Pastured, Grass-Fed/Finished, Antibiotic-Free!! 4-Pack of Prime Rib-Eye Steaks! Each 4-Pack is vacuum sealed: About 2/lbs of Prime Juicy Rib-Eye Steaks (Bone-In): $35.00 per Pack. Reserve today and get it shipped the week of June 8th or pick-up on June 6th. All questions please email rainbowranchfarms@gmail.com Thank you!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


How to Treat Bumblefoot in Chickens

Voted #1 

Best New Article on WikiHow by Xenia Stavrinides (Rainbow Ranch Farms)

Bumblefoot Drawing by Dennis Kelley

Friday, April 3, 2015

CSA Farm Pick-Up April

Just a reminder that C.S.A. farm pick-up is tomorrow on Saturday, April 4th. gates open at 10:30 A.M. and closed by 1:00 P.M. Please bring an ice chest with frozen gel-packs or ice to keep your fresh ΩrganiX (LOL) cold. 

C.S.A. Pick-Up will be at the Rainbow Ranch Farms, Home-Farm in Pinon Hills, CA. 

Come and meet our wonderful, hard working & talented volunteers, artisans, master preservers, farmers, ranchers and spin-farm & ranch managers. Certified Vendors at the Rainbow Artisan Market are always guaranteed to offer the most delicious and wholesome products for you and your family. This is your one stop Artisan Seasonal Market. 


What you might find at the Rainbow Artisan Seasonal Market?

Organic Olive Oil
Local Olives
Preserves, Jam & Jelly
Marrow Bones & Soup Bones
Gluten-Free Baked Goods
Specialty Items, Mediterranean Foods
Beef Jerky (made from Kelley Mojave Beef)
Pickled Eggs (made from heritage game-bird eggs/RRF eggs)
"Prime" Grind (ground beef from the prime sections of heritage beef such as sirloin & loin sections)
Fresh Organic Nopales (4 for $10.00)

Organic Grass-fed/Finished Heritage Beef, Lamb & Goat/Cabrito

Certified Organic "Grass-Fed" Whole Rib-Eye Roasts!

Organic & Locally Grown Seasonal Produce, Honey & More..

Organic Heritage Pork, Luau Pigs and Roasters 
(grain-free/gmo-free & phyto-estrogen-free) whole roasters range from 12 - 28/lbs. $7.50/lb. HW                 


Fresh Organic Chicken Eggs 
VOID of corn, soy, wheat, barley, flax, coconut, and no products containing fish, G.M.O.'s and NO Phyto-estrogen's.
(Vaccine-Free/Antibiotic-Free) $14.50/dz or $30.00 Flat/30 eggs

Organic & Locally Raised Fresh Fish (grown by hydroponics)

Organic Heritage Chickens 
Whole Body (Free-Range/Foraged ) 
      (VOID of corn, soy, wheat, flax, g.m.o.'s, phyto-estrogen's, fish meal, coconut, barley & NO rye)


Organic & Locally Produced Dairy Products 
(included: Feta, Yogurt and more)

Organic Seasonal Poultry-CSA Feed 20+/lbs ($18.50/ea.) 
(no corn, no soy, no wheat, no barley, no flax, linseed, coconut, rye, no antibiotics, no G.M.Os & no phyto-estrogen's) 

                                              contains 15 essential fatty acids & probiotics

Layer Booster $5.00/ea. contains 15 essential fatty acids & probiotics

Hatch out vaccine-free/antibiotic-free heritage and Terroir turkeys for your back yard flock or home school project. 

Hatch out vaccine-free/antibiotic-free heritage and Terroir chickens for your back yard flock or home school project. 

Organic Mulch, Compost & Cured Fertilizer MIX 
(50/lbs. $10.00/ea.)

TAKE A SELF TOUR & Bring Your Camera!
Heritage Kunekune hogs and piglets
Heritage English hogs and piglets
Heritage Nigerian Dwarf goats & kids
Heritage Pygmy goats & kids
Heritage Black Barbados, Saint Croix & Hawaiian Hair sheep & lambs
Heritage chickens & baby chicks
Heritage ducks & ducklings
Heritage turkeys 
Heritage Hereford, Irish Dexter, Mojave & Low-line Angus cattle & calf's 
Our Heirloom Seasonal, Family Garden
Worm Boxes & Wind Rows
Hugel-Kultur Mounds
Our Famous Rainbow Bug-Bars
and more..

All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
All volunteers, members and guests with children, must provide responsible child care at all times. No Exceptions. Thank you!

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