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Saturday, March 8, 2014

March 8th Farm Pick-Up

Today is March 8th 2014 and C.S.A. Farm Pick-Up!

Come and see baby Daphne (baby goat kid), the new piglets and lambs!

Be sure to ask Jon Pieter Dow about
the amazing feed/pellet hopper he has engineered
and currently building from re-purposed & pre-used wood and donated materials. He has engineered this amazing structure to
withstand up-to 3-Tons of weight. 

Be sure to check out the hand made/woven net
Jon made, using re-purposed bale strings to help prevent the cats & birds of prey from getting to the young birds. He used square knots.

Jon Pieter Dow is a talented artist, brilliant author/novelist and if you have not yet received your copy of The Suldonon, you are missing out! This is book one of the Western Spheres...Trilogy. Available on Amazon and Lulu or order from your local book store. 

Drive Carefully and we will see you soon!


  1. Say hi to Jon from us! I am in pediatric massage training today in El Segundo. Have a great day!

  2. He should be selling his book, at the CSA as an artisan : )

  3. Hello Xenia and all!
    I wish we could have made a trip out to the Saturday market day with you all.

    We have our chickens coming by UPS for this month's delivery. Is there still a hold up or a slow down in expected delivery time? We are past due for that delivery and anticipating placing our next order. Let us know our status with a call or an email. Thanks for all you do! Meredith Thomas


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